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The latest from Derrick John Wiggins. Quest Pandora is a techno-thriller not to miss.

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Size: 6 X 9



Quest Pandora summary

CIA field operative Matthew Roger Harris, called out of his two year retirement on request of his dying stepfather’s final aspiration. His stepfather, curious to find out once and for all; can scientists generate a new self-sustaining sun.

     Harris, following the lead of a murdered scientist, directs him to the project, Pandora, a device that could harness the power of a star stronger than our sun. Who else could fashion such a thing but the Chelsea Company. Who else could help Harris find Pandora other than this Company who heads the world in technology.

     Harris has to make peace with Nzingha Chelsea, CEO of the Chelsea Company who he betrayed on his last mission two years earlier, and fight secret assassins, all in search of Pandora in order to complete his father’s dying wish.

     His father is slipping away fast and Harris’s time is running out.